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Refrigerator Water Filter - A Mountain Stream in Your Home!

For the health conscious the idea that drinking plenty of water is very important is well known. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, and we require a steady influx of pure, clean water to keep our systems functioning normally. Unfortunately, even with the availability of clean water to nearly every household, very few Americans actually drink water. One of the reasons is that people prefer a cold drink, and many actually complain about the taste of water (though most would say water is tasteless). If you are concerned about your health, then a refrigerator water filter may be just what you need.

Refrigerator Water Filter: Affordable Luxury

Most modern refrigerators now come with ice-makers and water dispensers. These features used to be the domain of only the highest priced units, but the cost of these refrigerators has come down considerably in the last few years, and now ice-maker 'fridges are very competitive.

An ice-maker refrigerator is attached directly to the household water supply, generally via a copper pipe in the back of the unit. Many of these refrigerators already have a refrigerator water filter installed. This can usually be found inside the 'fridge cabinet, and on some models in the bottom tray of the refrigerator.

For those that have an ice-making refrigerator that does not come with a built-in refrigerator water filter, it is still possible to have one installed. The refrigerator water filter would need to be installed into the water line that supplies the 'fridge, either behind the unit itself, or in an adjacent cupboard. Remember that you will need to change the filters occasionally, so determining an easy-access location is important.

Refrigerator Water Filter: Charcoal for Health

Refrigerator water filters usually consist of an activated charcoal capsule. This system allows for a small space consideration, and is one of the best water filtration methods available, owing to the incredible absorptive qualities of activated charcoal. The refrigerator water filter is excellent at removing contaminants such as lead, mercury and copper from the water supply, as well as the commonly used chlorine.

Once these contaminants are removed from the water, and the water has been chilled to a nice, cool temperature, you will find the taste incredibly refreshing. This will encourage you and your family to drink a lot more water, and fresh, purified water at that! The overall benefit to you and your family's health is the best reason to consider investing in a refrigerator water filter.

Brent Craig is an author and journalist with a dedicated interest in Healthy Home options.

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