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How to remove nail polish stains on clothing

Do you polish your own nails?
If you do, there is definitely a time that you have accidentally spilled nail polish on your clothing item. The only way to stay away from having nail polish accident is to polish your nails in the backyard while you are naked!

It is best to discover how to take care of that nail polish accident before it occurs so that you can treat it as soon as it happens. Taking care of the stain as soon as possible will help you to remove the stain completely without difficulty.

Here are some tips how to remove nail polish stains on clothing item:

1) Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover takes out the polish off your nails. It is also work on most nail polish stains in any material including cloth. First of all you have to test the nail polish remover in an unremarkable area of your clothing item to make sure that the item is colorfast.

Apply the nail polish remover to the entire stain and then blot the stain gently with a clean towel. You may have to apply the nail polish remover and blot quite a few times to take out all of the nail polish stain. Next apply fabric detergent and warm water to make sure that you have removed the stain completely. Then wash the cloth as usual with your fabric detergent.

Another treatment alternative in using the nail polish remover is to stretch the clothing item over a bowl and attach it using a rubber band. Apply the nail polish remover using a spoon or spatula and allow it drip through the stain into the bowl. This may take a little time to remove the stain completely, but it will be worth it if you have the stain on your favorite shirt.

2) Hydrogen Peroxide

This solution method should be used only on white clothes or colorfast clothes. Make sure to test in unremarkable area of your clothing item to make sure it will not harm your item.

If the stain still remains on the cloth after you have tried several times using nail polish remover, then try a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with water. Make a 50-50 mixture of hydrogen peroxides and water. Apply the mixture to the entire stain. Leave the cloth sits in the sun for several hours to get maximum effectiveness and keep it moistened with the mixture.

3) Dried Nail Polish Stain

Make sure you test for colorfastness in an unremarkable area of your clothing item before trying this method.

Dried and old stain of nail polish on your clothing item like carpet can be removed easily. You have to take a dull knife or spoon and scrape the stain as much as possible out of the clothing item. After that, take your nail polish remover and softly blot the clothing item with the nail polish remover several times until the stain is removed. Rub the affected area using towel with a liquid dish detergent that does not contain bleach. Then rinse with clean water from a spray bottle and blot up the wetness.

If the stain still remains, wet the affected area with hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for 30 minutes. Continue applying the hydrogen peroxide until the stain is fully removed. Then blot with clean towel to remove the wetness.

Now you know how to remove nail polish stains on clothing items easily.

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