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How to dye carpet ?

Carpet faded over time and gets stained. When it comes to deal with a faded carpet or permanent stains on carpet, it is occasionally better to replace the carpet. But buying a new carpet is costly. In today tough economic times, dyeing carpet by yourself to give it a brand-new look and a total face lift may save you hundreds or thousands dollars.

Ahead of getting started, there are cautions that must be followed carefully to make the task successful. You have to make sure the carpet fiber and the dye absorbing capability. Different carpet fibers require different dyes. Carpet made up of woolen or nylon fiber can be dyed, while acrylic or polyester carpet cannot be dyed. If you do not know fiber type of your carpet is made out of, ask a professional to take a look at your carpet. You should only pay money for the right type of dye.

Once you know the carpet fiber, make a decision on the dye color for the carpet. The resulting color of the carpet depends on the original color. If the original color of is white, cream or other light colors, you can go for any range of colors but do not get a deep black. For other colors, pick a darker shade than the previous one. For example, if the current color is red, dyeing with blue colored dye will result a purple color carpet. Of if your carpet was yellow and you added red dye and you would get an orange carpet. You also can decide on for the darker color carpet dye that matches with the interior design of the room.

In order to dye carpet correctly, you will need carpet shampoo, carpet dye, spray bottle, stiff scrubbing brush, plastic, tape, and a piece of scrap carpet. Once you are ready with all these equipment, follow this step by step work instruction to dye carpet:

1) Move out all the furniture from the room and cover the walls with plastic using tape to keep away from staining. Since carpet dyeing occupies using of strong dyes, think about safety purposes. Wear rubber hand gloves and old clothes.

2) Wash the carpet. It is important to make sure the carpet is clean enough so that it can absorb the dye successfully. Use carpet shampoo as provided by the manufacturer. Let the carpet to dry out completely before proceed to the next step.

3) Prepare the carpet die solution to make a desired color range. Dissolve an exact amount of dye with hot water and warm water as per the instructions provided by the dye manufacturer. Mix well to make sure the dye dissolve evenly in the water. Pour the dye solution in a spray bottle and shake well. In order to test out the color, spray a small amount of the dye on a scrap piece of carpet and analyze the result. You can add more water or dye to until you get the desired color.

4) When you get a satisfactory color, spray the dye straight to the carpet section by section. Start with a small section of the carpet and then keep on further. Do not spray too much dye in one section because it can spoil the carpet and padding. Use a stiff scrubbing brush in circular motion to apply the dye into the carpet, so that the dye is distribute evenly. Once complete, let the carpet to dry totally.

Now you know how to dye carpet. Enjoy your brand-new look and a total face lift carpet!

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