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Removing Ink Stains From Carpeting

There is almost nothing more heart wrenching for a meticulous housekeeper than seeing a big, ugly ink stain on a piece of carpeting. It might seem like all is lost, but this is not always the case. It is sometimes quite possible to save the carpet and get rid of the stain without having to hide it.

Timing and a delicate touch are the keys to saving carpeting from ink stains. If the stain is spotted before it has dried, there is a very good chance the carpet can be saved. Even if it has dried, there are some measures that can make a big difference in the appearance of the stain. Acting quickly and smartly can save the carpet.

Getting Started

The first thing to do when an ink stain is discovered on carpet is to act fast. This means getting out a clean cloth or a roll of paper towels and some cold water. Carefully blot at the stain until no more ink comes out on the towels.

When working the stain with cold water, do not rub it. This will spread the stain further into the carpet and can cause it to permanently set in fibers. Also, do not try to use hot or warm water. Heat will set the stain.

If this method does not work, move on to a few others. If there is a concern about how the carpeting will hold up, consider testing different methods on a hidden piece of carpeting first.

The Next Steps

If blotting with plain cold water does not get all of the stain up, don't despair. There are a few other methods that are worth trying. They include:

  • Hairspray. This works particularly well with ballpoint pen ink. Spray the hairspray directly onto the effected area of carpeting. Blot up with a clean towel. Continue until the stain is removed or no more ink appears on the blotting towels.

  • Alcohol. Rubbing alcohol can sometimes prove very useful. Use it in the same manner as the hairspray.

  • Lemon juice and salt. A paste of lemon juice and salt blotted into a stain and then blotted back up can sometimes take out the remaining ink. Take care to rinse well once the stain is removed.

  • Store-bought cleaners. These sometimes offer just the right balance of cleaning agents to get the job done.

Professional carpet cleaners sometimes are worth considering. If all self-cleaning methods have failed, it could be worth giving them a call. Otherwise, if the stain is small enough, hiding it with a decorative rug will always do the trick.

Ink stains on carpeting are tricky to get out, but it doesn't mean they cannot be removed. If the timing is right and the technique used doesn't involve rubbing the stain in further, there is a fairly good chance a piece of carpeting can be saved.

Tabitha Walden is the author of Ink Stain Gone, the ink stain removal resource that can help you get the ink stains out of your clothes quickly and easily.

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