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How To Tile - 5 Top Tips For Preparing A Wall Surface For Tiling

For anyone who is learning how to tile, here are five easy tips on surface preparation that will help you achieve a professional finish.

Tip 1: Tiling Over Tile
Use a tile scriber to score tiles in both vertical and horizontal lines. This will help the new tile to stick to the old one. Also use an adhesive specifically designed for use when tiling over existing tiles.

Note: it's usually best to remove existing tiles. If you tile over tile then the wall thickness is affected; consider the impact if you are tiling right up to door edge. Finished result is so much better if you remove old tiles. It really is worth that extra time and effort.

Tip 2: Tiling Over New Plaster
Ensure wall is completely dry. This can take ten to fourteen days. Always check manufacturer's instructions.

Tip 3: Cement Backer Board
For a strong, highly water resistant base cement backer board is an ideal choice. Ensure any exterior wall is insulated first. Fill all seams with wall adhesive or silicone caulk and tape with fiberglass mesh tape. Use backer board screws if you want to secure to metal or wall studs ensuring screws are flush.

Tip 4: Ensure Surface Is Smooth
Remove any residue such as glue, putty, paint or any other material that could affect the correct laying of the tiles. Repair any cracks with appropriate filler. Allow to dry completely before laying tile.

Tip 5: Ensure Surface Is Clean And Free From Dust
Thoroughly clean the wall surface that is going to be tiled. If necessary, use a suitable detergent. Allow to dry completely before you begin tile laying.

Make no mistake about it, learning how to tile will be a lot easier if you get your surface preparation right.

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