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DIY Home Deco Ideas

Are you looking for fresh ideas for your place deco?

I just found out a weekly article site featuring a lot of home decor ideas for your home. The articles not only give ideas for your home decoration but also provide interior design ideas for both home and office. The wonderful and informative site I mean here is which is authored by Wendy Lee. features a lot of ideas from all around the world including ideas for an authentic interior design concepts such as:
  • European Decors ideas from countries in Europe as well as French, English, Italy, , Medieval and Spanish.
  • Asian Decors Concepts from major countries in Asia such as Chinese and Japanese.
  • Contemporary Modern architecture and design to achieve optimal use of home or office spaces.
  • Themed and general home decors for fun weekend Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects to spruce up your home or office

Here is a brief introduction of the author. Wendy Lee had the pleasure in witnessing some of the most serene, beautiful, inviting, and homey interior decoration style homes around the world. From her experience through her travels, she would like to share some of her ideas as well as invite suggestions from all readers.

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Do It Yourself???

Do it yourself, often referred to by the acronym "DIY," is a term used by various communities that focus on people creating things for themselves without the aid of paid professionals. Many DIY subcultures explicitly critique consumer culture, which emphasizes that the solution to our needs is to purchase things, and instead encourage people to take technologies into their own hands.
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