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DIY Buying A Home Water Treatment System

There are many things to consider when buying a home water treatment system. The most important concerns would be health, environmental, and economical concerns. There is a variety of systems including whole-house and reverse osmosis systems. Besides the benefits there are other things to consider.

Space, especially in a smaller home may be a commodity. Therefore, a smaller system or a point of use system (faucet mounted) might be an option. The same would be true for the whole-house or under counter/sink models. If there is little counter space, a counter top model would not be an option.

Budget constraints may also limit the choice of systems. There is the initial price of the unit that varies depending on the capacity. Accessories include replaceable filters or filter cartridges. There may be installation charges as well to consider. Maintenance can cost as well. There is a system that can provide the various needs of consumers.

Health is the most important concern when buying a system. Toxic water has been linked to diseases including cancer, learning disabilities in children, birth defects and other health concerns. The occurrences of these health problems can be prevented or reduced.
Filters help to remove lead and over 2,000 contaminants including known poisons.

The environmental benefits come as a reduction of the need for plastic bottles to be produced. There is also the reduced amount of plastic filling our landfills. Pure water means fewer contaminants escaping into the air and could reduce respiratory and skin conditions.

Before purchasing a system, be sure to research the manufacturer fully. Check consumer guides as well as customer satisfaction reports. Much of this information can be found on the Internet. Information on the various systems are available to meet the varying needs of people.

Consider too that using a water filter system could save major expenditures on bottled water, doctors visits, and medication. Health will be improved as well as the environment because there will be less need for bottled water.

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