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Tips On How To Maintain Your Hardwood Floor's Quality

Hardwood floors are the latest trend in many modern houses today. Rather than looking ancient, these type of flooring fits perfectly with many modern furniture and fixtures.

It is true that they look luxurious and elegant that will accentuate the beauty of your home's interior. But you have to take extra care in maintaining its quality look. Simply cleaning them with common household tools and methods might ruin it rather than maintaining its quality. Here are some tips to get your started.

Use Hardwood-Friendly Cleaning Agents

One tip is to avoid concentrated solutions in cleaning your hardwood floor. These chemicals can destroy the physical appearance of your hardwood by making them look worn and dull. In order to maintain the quality, use only prescribed pH solutions for it.

It's advisable to wipe them dry after you apply these cleaning agents. When applied on your flooring, they can give it the necessary shine that the hardwood is famous of. But if you leave them there long enough, they will easy corrode into the material and cause irreversible damage.

Use Soft Materials Only

It is very important to use soft materials when cleaning your hardwood floor to avoid scratches and abrasions. Avoid using straw brooms but use soft-bristled ones instead. You may also want to use vacuum cleaners first before sweeping the floor to remove the heavy dirt and grime, and leaving the rest to be swept off. Use soft-bristled attachments on your vacuum cleaner too, just in case!

When using cleaning agents, it's advisable to use damp mops with soft heads or sponges. If you are using cloths, go for cotton instead of other materials. You might want to shake of excess solid particles as an extra precaution. You should mop your floor daily to keep it shiny and beautiful. Note, however, that wet mops can cause damage instead of cleaning them. Only slightly dampen your mops to avoid unnecessary moisture.

Never Leave Stain

Like marble, liquid stains are one of the enemies of your hardwood floor. Spillage of acidic substances like vinegar, alcohol, and wine can greatly damage your floor, far worse than water stains. If left unchecked, it can cause spots and splotches that will be almost impossible to remove. Make sure that you mop them up quickly before they do any damage.

Hardwood floors are expensive and can greatly increase the value of your home; but they can be very sensitive to external causes that can be a threat to its overall quality. Following these tips above can greatly reduce the risk of such problems ever occurring on your precious floor.

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