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10 Inexpensive Home Security Tips

Good home security need not cost you a fortune. These inexpensive home security tips will go a long way to help keep your home, and family, secure.

1) Lock up when you go out. Yes, it is simple, so simple that folks forget to do it. A staggering amount of burglaries are carried out by the thief simply walking in an unlocked door or climbing through an unlocked window.

Undoubtedly you lock up when you leave your home to commute to work, but how about when you make a quick trip to the store? You would be amazed how quickly a thief can be in and out of your home. Lock up each time you go out, that's so inexpensive it cost nothing at all.

2) Join your local Neighborhood Watch. There is not a better way to improve your home security. Your neighbor looks out for you, you look out for your neighbor. It's effective and very, very inexpensive.

3) Wooden double hung windows are often only fitted with a latch that keeps the two halves together. These latches are easily defeated by the burglar. Fitting window locks will make your windows far more secure, or for an inexpensive alternative use window pins.

4) If you have an older sliding glass door investigate the possibility of fitting an up to date secure patio door lock. However, older sliding glass doors can be made more secure by low cost methods.

Some older patio doors can be simply lifted off their track by a burglar. Fit two screws into the channel above the opening door with the heads protruding just enough to stop the door being lifted, but still allowing the door to slide.

5) Don't be tempted to hide a spare key someplace outside. You may think that yours is a unique hiding place but burglars know all the places to look and they will find it. Instead give a spare key to a neighbor that you can trust.

6) Many thieves only steal items that are easy to carry away such as cash, small electrical goods, laptop computer, jewelry etc. Make sure that you don't keep such items where they could easily be seen by a burglar looking in your window.

7) When you leave your home empty after dark, leave a light or two on and a radio playing. Light timers are inexpensive and can be set to a random pattern to give the impression of someone being at home.

8) Keep all bushes and shrubs around your home trimmed right down so as to prevent giving cover to an intruder. Also, it will pay you to keep up your home's appearance well maintained, this need not cost much and could lessen the chance of your home being picked as a target by a burglar. A well cared for home looks like the owner will also have good home security.

9) Keep your garage door locked even when your car is not in the garage. If there is a door that leads through into your house from your garage, then this should be kept locked and be as secure as your front door.

10) Many external doors are fitted with glass panels and that presents a home security risk. Consider replacing the panes with laminated glass or use window security film to protect the glass.

And an extra inexpensive home security tip.

Don't leave ladders unsecured in your garden, lock them away (and chain them up if possible) otherwise a burglar will make use of them to enter your home. The same goes for any other kind of tools. A spade, for example, could be used like a jimmy to force open a window or door. Don't let a burglar use your own tools to break into your home, lock your tools away in a shed with good quality locks.

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