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Contemporary Rugs - How to Choose a Rug For Your Home

Choosing a contemporary rug for your home can sometimes appear a little daunting given the huge variety of products available on the market today, however with a little forethought to your purchase you can narrow things down a little by having clear idea of what you want.

Things to consider before making your purchase are all fairly straight forward but will make life easier if you consider them first. For starters what size rug do you require? What colour rug do you require? Do you want your rug to be a feature or make a bold statement or do you require a more neutral or muted rug? What practical restraints are there? If you have children and dogs then maybe a pure white dry clean only rug is not the way forward. How durable do you require it be? Do you want to go with manmade synthetic fibres or do you want to invest in a rug with a little more quality made from natural fibres? Are you interested in a traditional or contemporary rug or a hybrid mix of both? Considering all these aspects before you commence shopping will give you a clearer idea of what to look for, and make it easier to narrow down your searches.

If your are particularly fashion conscious then you may want to look into things in more detail then maybe peruse through some textiles magazines there's plenty out there but Selvedge magazine appears to be the most popular, and its a fantastic resource for getting good ideas.

Rug manufacturers have for some time been combining traditional and contemporary designs so you no longer have to trade off one for the other. It is now very possible and desirable to obtain a rug that is contemporary in design but made using traditional methods with that added benefit of being both ethical and sustainable.

Remember that a well placed rug can really bring a touch of style and art to your home, it's these finishing touches that can change a space from a boring room lacking in character and definition into a truly unique and beautiful contemporary living space. Use your rug to bring the tone to the room that your require, if your room is bright and cluttered then use a neutral colour to tone it down, if your going for a modern contemporary look then you can use your rug as a feature possibly theme it with a feature wall or similarly coloured vase or planter. Most of all have fun with it and create a positive space, after all you live here.

As always the internet is a good place to start, use a search engine to browse around, compare prices, styles and get a feel for what's available. Try to narrow down your searches by including details about the kind of rug you are looking for, if you just search "rugs" then you are going to get about 48,300,000 results to trawl through so if you know that you specifically want a pink 100% wool rug the search for that. When you spot something that you like, don't forget to bookmark the page so that you can find it again easily later.

Don't rush your choice have a good look around compare shipping prices (a lot of websites offer free shipping now) if you see a rug you like and require more information or want to see more pictures email the seller and ask, try and choose a rug that is appropriate for the space you are putting it in as opposed to just buying the first thing you like and then realizing it clashes with your furniture.

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