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Continental Reception Furniture

Are you looking for Continental Reception furniture? Classy, stylish furniture that creates a favourable impression on the visitor, then you are at the right place. Ken Rand offers a range of interesting reception desks that complement your style and enhance your décor. These creative solutions attract visitors and create a welcoming ambiance in the office where the visitors feels comfortable and at home. A good first impression helps to create a positive company image and the customer is in a more receptive state of mind.

Ken Rand offers six categories of continental reception desk furniture such as the Edison, the ‘Up-Go-Jump’, the Kompas, the Practico, the Activ/Aero and Lexus. Edison is a design with smooth lines offers innovative space management solutions. These neat designs provide a spacious and clutter free feel to the space.

Up-Go-Jump is executive line worktops with two distinct shapes with smooth lines, offering mobility to the furniture. Kompas is an amazing composition and offers original designs in continental reception desks. This unique furniture adds style and designer appeal to your reception space.

Pratiko is flexible design that can be integrated with the present structure. The design comprises of sliding, tall units, covered boxes, hinged and folding doors that are used for wire passage, stationery along with wheeled stabilisers. This design is ideal for planning new settings and helps to optimise the work cycle and provides a personalised look. Activ/Aero designs are ergonomic designs with clean lines while the Lexus range represents some of the best designs that use real wood veneers with a high quality construction and finish. The designer furniture offers impressive designs that are simply artistic interpretations that will appeal to the designer in you.

Ken Rand furnishings adorn the offices of various businesses, commercial services, health care centers, schools, commercial premises and colleges etc. Our furniture range includes Classic reception desk furniture, Contemporary reception desk furniture, Continental reception desk furniture and Office desking solutions. You can choose from the wide variety of furniture and display units illustrated on the website. Pick the one that suits and enhances your office décor.

Ken Rand believes in the simple philosophy of high quality at excellent value. We believe in offering finest quality, creatively designed products along with excellent service. Our clients have appreciated our products and service as per their testimonials on our website. Visit the site and to read more detailed information about the products.

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