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DIY Feng Shui - Mirrors Are Like the Reflection Off the Surface of Water Off a Still Lake

A shiny mirror can be said to be akin to the reflective properties of the surface of the water on a calm lake.

Just as in life these reflective qualities, whether it be of a mirror or the water surface of that lake, can either be of great help and luck and benefit or have very little effect at all. Mirrors can reflect and thus encourage positive sheng qi and as well be used to deflect negative sha qi. It all depends where you place or hang mirrors in your home, office or cottage. There are three basic types of mirrors to consider, flat, concave and convex. Each type of mirror style has its own attributes of different reflective or deflective qualities.

A convex mirror will defuse negative sha qi. If you have for instance, a tall obstruction outside your front door, for example a lamppost or tall tree you would be well advised to hang a convex mirror for this situation. It can be said that a flat mirror would also work, but with considerably less effectiveness than a concave mirror.

A concave mirror will help attract and absorb beneficial sheng qi into your home. Because there are additional means and way of encouraging good positive qi into homes - such as large windows or a welcoming door mat, concave mirrors are seldom used.
Just because a tool and tactic is not popular is no solid reason for you not to use it.
Always keep the idea of using concave mirrors to encourage that beneficial sheng qi into your abode or workplace.

A flat mirror has the stated benefit of providing a perfect mirror image so that so yin becomes yang and bad pi becomes good. If you feel the need, or want to perfectly safe in your planning and follow through, you can invest in actual feng shui mirrors designed for this very purpose. Feng Shui mirrors are often inexpensive and can be purchased from Chinese stationary shops if you have a local Chinatown. If not try online.

Lastly what are the best positions to hang your mirrors. You can go to all the trouble and expense of research and deciding what kind of mirror should be used and where in your home, office or weekend vacation cabin or chalet and yet not go the final distance and position your mirror and mirrors to their greatest use and potentials.

Generally it can say that the best position for a mirror is where it can reflect a pleasant scene from outside. For example given the choice you should choose to reflect a green tree or the shining water of a lake rather than reflecting a brick wall.

In special cases you may wish to deflect potentially harmful - or at least negative sha qi back and away from your residence. For example if you live at the very end of a cul-de-sac a mirror can be used to defect away from your potentially dangerous spot - reducing and deflecting that harmful sha qi.

Lastly to make a final point. Mirrors are used by interior designers and home planners and decorators to enhance and enlarge a space. For example a mirror placed in a smaller room or area often will seem to greatly expand and enhance the size, depth and area of that room. If there is one major point to be emphasized it is -not to utilize and apply the power of mirrors in windowless or enclosed rooms such as you may find in a bathroom or storage closet.. Feng Shui.

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