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Garage Remodeling Ideas

The garage is one of the most underused area of a home. Most people do not even store their car in the garage. To make it more useful you should consider remodeling it and taking it from just a garage to a new part of the house. You can then use it for a variety of needs. If you do not currently store your car in the garage then there is not really a need to do so at all, so why not make it into a new room of your home. Garages can be amazing extra spaces that are more than just a catch all for clutter.


It is likely your garage has become more like a storage room than anything that could be said to be a useful area. You probably have stuffed so much junk in there that you do not even know half of what is there. Start you remodeling project by cleaning out the clutter. Throw out anything you do not need and store what you do need in the attic or basement. If you have no where else to use as storage then just buy storage shelves for your garage and neatly store items in the back or in a corner.

Designing a New Space

You should think of what you would like to do with your garage. If it is attached to your home then it is a perfect extension and can be almost anything you want it to be. When it is attached to your home you can easily run electric, heat and even water to it. All it takes is a little imagination to transform it. You may even be able to add onto the garage, such as creating a space in the rafters for a small room that could be storage or a secret getaway space or even a club house for your kids.

Some Ideas

If you are stuck as to what exactly to do with your garage here are some ideas. You could change it into a laundry room. It is conveniently located and has enough space for a washer, dryer and even a table for folding clothes. Your garage could be a music studio for the music lover in your family. You may need to sound proof the walls depending upon what type of music will be played. You may even feel like improving your health and body by turning it into a gym. Your own home gym will increase the chances you can fit exercise into your daily routine. Plus it is a very easy transformation.

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