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How to Copy Ps3 Games

As an avid gamer myself, one thing that really annoys me is when one of my games becomes damaged and unplayable. This usually occurs through scratching the disk in one way or another and it really doesn't take much to damage the Ps3 disks. Even putting the disk down on a surface the wrong way can result in an unplayable disk which just plain sucks. One of my only gripes about the Ps3 is these damn disks which are so fragile. Luckily thanks to technology however I don't have to worry so much about it anymore as I can simply make backups of my games now as I have learnt how to copy ps3 games.

To copy ps3 games you first need to get your hands on a software program that will enable the game to be written as an image on your PC, then from there the software will do the rest and you really need only to insert some blank media so you can make a copy of your Ps3 game. So now you know how to copy ps3 games but is the process really that simple.

Well in a word 'yes'. It is pretty straight forward. This now means that you can get all your valuable and favorite games together and make backups of them. Then you can put your games away in a safe place so they can't be damaged and you can use your backups instead. If for any reason your backup becomes corrupt or unplayable simply get your original copy out again and then you can start the process over again and the best thing is that because you know how to copy ps3 games it doesn't matter how many back up disks you ruin, your investment being the original game disk is safe.

If you would like to find a one step software solution that will show you how to copy ps3 games then visit the site below.

For more information on how you can Copy Ps3 Games please look at our How To Copy Ps3 Games site.

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