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How to Put Up Fencing

Putting up your own fencing can be done very easily without the need to pay anyone to do it!


* Buy your fencing! Obviously!

* Along with your fencing you will need to buy wooden posts! If you have 6ft high fencing you will need 7ft high posts and if you have 4ft high fencing you will need 5ft high posts etc.

* You will also need metal spikes that go into the ground about 2ft and which your posts slot into and are bolted to the posts

*So.... all you need to do now it put in the first spike where you want the fencing to go and slot your post into it! Then secure the first fence panel to the post with screws at the top and the bottom (about 1ft from the top and 1ft from the bottom) Then secure the next post into the ground using another spike and secure the other side of the fence panel to the 2nd post!

* Complete this process for all your fencing and it is as secure and having concrete posts! More importantly its an awful lot cheaper.

* I have fencing completed by myself at the front and back of my house and they have been in place now for 4 and 6 years respectively with no problems. All you have to do it treat the posts and fencing once a year. Fencing and posts usually come with a 10yr guarantee in most places.

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