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How to Repair Xbox 360 - Is There Any Real Way to Permanently Fix This Console?

The reason I have decided to write this article is to tell you a bit more about why the red lights happen on the Xbox 360 and also to give you some real ways that you can fix these problems And Get back to your games.

Firstly nearly all of the problems with this console or down to overheating everything from the one red light to 3 red lights can be fixed by stopping the amount of heat build up in the motherboard.

The main chips that deal with all the game processing are called the CPU and the GPU and as they take more heat they shut off, and that is when you get game freezes. Eventually the soldering will become loose and you will get one of the red light problems mentioned above.

So is there any real way that you can repair your Xbox 360?

Well all you need to know how to do is to stop the heat build up in the console and you can either send it back to Microsoft and they will do this for you, or if you are outside warranty or do not want to wait as long then you can repair it yourself using a good Xbox 360 repair guide.

There are a few of these about online and as long as you make sure that you get a guide that has full step by step videos and the guarantee then you cannot really go wrong and you'll be able to stop the heat build up on the main chips with simple household items and get back to your games.

Also a good idea is that the email customer support beforehand so you can make sure that you get a good level of support before you actually buy the guide.

Hope this article has told you a bit more about how to repair or Xbox 360 and if you follow the tips above you'll be able to get back to your games fast.

For A FAST, GUARANTEED and EASY way to perform Xbox 360 Repair and get back to your games today then click the link below and download the best Xbox 360 Repair guide with step by step videos:

Xbox 360 Repair

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