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How to Solve Common Hardwood Floor Problems

When you install hardwood floor in your home, you should always be on the lookout for little things that could grow into large problems. Most people do not have any problems with their hardwood flooring, but for those that do there are ways of solving the problems that don't involve replacing the entire floor of a room. Installers of this flooring have seen many common problems, which include:

Buckling: Buckling occurs when the hardwood becomes separated from the subfloor and cups or swells upward. This can be caused by excess moisture on the floor, improper ventilation, leaks in the structure or a wet underlay or subfloor. To solve this problem, you first have to solve the problem of excess moisture. You can take out the affected planks and replace them with new planks. However, you will have to resand and refinish the floor because the new planks will not have any dulling through wear and tear. If you leave them as they are, they will really show out in the floor.

Wave marks: These are also called chatter marks and are consistent imperfections across the grain about 1/4 to 1 inch apart. The most common cause of this is improper sanding or a problem with the sanding machine. First you need to have the sander checked and repaired. Then you sand the floor again using extremely fine sandpaper and apply the finish. This will remove the marks leaving you with a perfect floor.

Crowning: Crowning occurs when the center of a plank looks to be higher than the edges. Although this could be caused by excess moisture, experts will tell you the most likely cause is that the floor was cupped and sanded flat without being allowed to flatten out on its own. When you install wood flooring you have to give it time to stabilize before you sand and finish it. The way to solve this problem is to remove the planks that show signs of crowning and then refinish the floor.

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