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How to Take Care of Bamboo Plants

When you have first bought your bamboo, the most important thing is to water it regularly. Be liberal with the amount of water you use, but make sure that the plant isn't sitting in waterlogged ground for any period of time. Over-watering for too long can be bad for the plant, so if you see any signs of ill health and you are watering a lot try to let the plant have some time to recover. While learning how to take care of bamboo plants you must be very observant.

Fertilizer is a must for any bamboo plant, so make sure you're giving it the right type. Without it, bamboo plants become very unhealthy and won't look like you want them to. In the worst case they may even die from lack of fertilizer. Try to use a fertilizer that is high is nitrogen, as bamboo plants thrive on it.

If you get the plant through the beginning period caring for bamboo becomes much easier. The most important piece of advice is to do everything gradually. If you're over-watering you plant, don't stop watering completely straight away, but instead reduce the amount of water you are giving the plant until it begins to recover. Many bamboo owners often complain that it is difficult to find information on how to take care of bamboo plants, but following the above outlined steps should make it a lot easier. Once you have raised a plant successfully the first time you will be on your way to creating the tropical paradise you've always dreamed of.

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