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LCD TV Vs Plasma TV - Comparing The Various Features

Modern day Televisions have completely overshadowed the traditional Cathode Ray tube based sets and have made a place for themselves in consumer homes at a greater level over the past few years. The two most important forms of modern Televisions admired by the consumers these days are LCD TV and Plasma TV. The Plasma TV is based upon fluorescent bulb and images are formed by neon-xenon gas. On the other hand, the LCD TV is a thin, flat device that contains two glass surfaces with an external source of light. There are liquid crystals present in between these two glass surfaces. The process of choice making between LCD and Plasma Televisions, one has to consider a number of features associated with Televisions. You must evaluate each type of television on the basis of life span; picture quality, power consumption and many more. The discussion compiled here aims at providing an overview of advantages offered by one type of television on other.

Angles For Viewing - On the basis of viewing angles, Plasma TV offers a clear-cut advantage over LCD TV by offering a number of comfortable angles for watching Television.

Picture Quality – There are no two opinions in this fact that Plasma TV offers a better picture quality than LCD TV. The images formed are more sharp and detailed in case of Plasma TV.

Screen Resolution – Both Plasma as well as LCD televisions offer high definition television sets with dependable screen resolution. When it comes to comparison, LCD TVs are; however, better than Plasma TVs in screen resolution.

Screen Burns – The problem of screen burns is more prominent in case of Plasma TVs, thus making it a bad choice for playing video games.

Energy Consumption – LCD TVs consume less power as compared to Plasma TVs and thus, have less possibility of getting heat up in short period of time. Thus, Plasma TVs get heated up in less time and require fans to cool down.

Prices – Plasma TVs are expensive than LCD TVs when we talk about large size television sets, whereas for medium size and small size televisions, LCD TVs are available at lower prices than Plasma TVs.

Some Other Points of Variation There are other features associated with both types of television sets that make them advantageous in their own ways. These features are compiles as follows:

The Plasma TVs offer better motion tracking features as compared to LCD TV.
The LCD TVs offer better screen life as compared to Plasma TVs.
LCD televisions are thinner and are available in less weight than Plasma televisions.
Plasma televisions large screen sizes that are not available in case of LCD televisions.
Thus, the above discussion makes it clear that both Plasma and LCD televisions are market rulers with their own sets of successful features. One must consider his or her requirements for purchasing a television set. You may also search for user reviews on Internet while making a choice between the two types of TV sets.

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