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Mini Spy Cameras Are Not Only For Spying, They Can Help Clean Your Drain, Too!

If you're collecting mini spy cameras, you should never fail to get a snake camera. A snake camera lets you see under doors, around shafts, and other hard-to-reach places. Aside from the usual stealth work that most spy cameras are associated with, the snake camera can also be used to clean your drain! Read on to know how.

Get Your Own Snake Camera

You can either buy your own snake camera from a local plumbing or electronics store, or through a website which sells mini spy cameras. Like buying any electronic device, look for the best snake camera that you can afford. You do not need to get a snake camera that is top of the line to clean your drain. All you need is a decent enough camera that can transmit images well. It would be wise to get a snake camera with the longest elastic body to maximize its effectiveness.

Get An Assistant

In everything you do, two heads are always better than one. This is very true when operating snake cameras, be it for undercover work, or for drain cleaning. Someone has to watch over the monitor while you operate the snake camera as it makes its way inside your drain. These mini spy cameras are very delicate pieces of equipment, so you need to use them properly. However, you can always work alone if you have the dexterity to hold the camera and watch the monitor at the same time.

Handle With Care When Freeing The Drain

To keep the snake camera from slipping and sliding, use a glove to have a firm grip on it. Keep in mind that there is so much moisture in drains, so you really have to put gloves on to make sure that you are handling the camera right. When you insert the snake camera into the drain, gently rotate its handle, and tell your assistant to watch for obstructions. When the camera sees what is blocking your drain, slowly pull the camera out and do what you have to do to remove the obstruction.

If the drain is still clogged, put the snake camera back in and check for more objects that are keeping water from flowing freely down the drain. If the clogs are in areas beyond the snake camera's reach, you can always use its transmitter to compute the location of the clog in terms of how deep the drain goes. However, this feature is often found in more expensive snake cameras. It is quite true that, to make up for the lack of some features, garden-variety mini spy cameras are usually sold in very affordable prices.

Mini spy cameras like the snake camera are very versatile devices. They are not only used in espionage and surveillance, but in ordinary tasks like clearing the drain or rain pipes at home. This goes to show that with a little creativity, we can still be productive with spy cameras without having to violate the sensitive privacy of other people.

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