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Samsung LN46A650 46-inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV With RED Touch of Color

The Samsung LN46A650 46-inch 1080p is one of the top High definition televisions on the market. Samsung has added the Red touch of Color to there product line to give there High Definition televisions an extra clarity to enhance your Tv viewing.

The touch of Color that Samsung has added to its new High Definition TV Line is not the only top not feature that it has added. Samsung also has added a blazing-fast 4ms response time and rich connectivity features to redefine the role HDTVs play in the home with its forward-looking Series 6 (A650) and Series 7 (A750) LCD HDTVs. Utilizing the award-winning technologies found in all Samsung HDTVs, Series 6 and 7 HDTVs deliver unparalleled picture quality and enhanced connectivity and networking capabilities that create a true entertainment hub for any home. With this top not quality you will

be very happy with the purchase of any of Samsungs new HD products.

This particular model also offers new technology called auto motion plus 120hz. This technology doubles the frame rate from 60 to 120 frames per second without repeating the same image to make more frames. Instead, the TV intelligently calculates the 'middle' image between frame A and frame B and inserts it in between (Auto Motion Plus 120Hz processor), making a fluid transition from one frame to the next. This Technology is unheard of and helps your television experience become much more fluid and clear than it has been in the past with slower reaction times.

Also with the LN46A650 it is setup to be mounted on the wall rigtht out of the box. This Samsung TV will mount right to any television mount right out of the box to help you with easy setup. Check out this and other top High Definition Products at our product Review website..

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