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Tips For Dying and Silk Screening Your Own Clothing

Dying and silk screening is one aspect of fashion design that far too many people tend to ignore and the fact is that it is very important for a number of reasons. To begin with, all fabrics other then white fabrics have been dyed and understanding and mastering this crucial aspect of fashion design can only help in becoming a well rounded fashion designer.

If you have been paying any attention to some of the latest designs coming out and particularly the newer hip-hop fashion designs than you may have noticed that the designers of these new looks have been getting more and more experimental with colors and dyes.

In fact, much of what the do and the techniques that they incorporate in their work was developed by people decades ago that were experimenting with tie-dye. As far as fabric dyes go, you will find that there are several different types that are available and some are more easy to use then others.

It is suggested that you begin with the more easy to use "cold dyes" even though they tend to fade faster and have few color choices. One very important tip is that you set up a table outside and don't wear anything that you don't mind being ruined because it is impossible to keep the dye contained and it will splash everywhere.

It is best to start out with swatches of white cloth that you can practice on, because inevitably your first pieces of work will turn out to be only worthy of the trash can. After you have gained some mastery of the various dying process then you can advance to silk screening which is a method of printing designs onto fabrics that can be very complex.

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