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What To Look Out For When Selecting Paint?

What do you need to look out for when selecting paints? What are the properties of paint that you should be looking out for?

Let me explain to you the qualities of the different types of paint.

1) Wash-ability

A prime concern about paint is its wash-ability. The glossier the paint, the more easily it can be washed. However, do note that the shinier the paint, the more light is reflected and it can be very distracting to the users. Also. The paint is thinner and imperfections will be shown more easily.
If you need to use washable paint, use them for areas such as the bathrooms and kitchens.

2) Drying time

Paint needs time to dry and cure. Drying refers to surface drying and curing occurs when paint dries all the way through. Paint usually takes a longer time to dry during high humidity as the rate of evaporation decreased. It is crucial that you give time for your paint to dry as paint needs to be clean and re-coat.

3) Flammability

When selecting paint, do beware that paint can catch fire. Every alkyd-based product should be considered as flammable.

4) Odor

All paints have a certain degree of odor. Latex paint has an odor but it is not strong smelling or pungent. Most people dislike alkyd based paint as it really smell awful. Alcohol based paint is even worst. The bad smell lingers !

Hence, the next time you select the type of paint, do keep a look out on the above points that I have mentioned.

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