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Why We Should All Consider Using Chlorine Shower Filters?

According to one of the best manufacturers of chlorine shower filters, millions of people around the world are using them on a regular basis, in every bathroom in the house. Once you shower in filtered water, nothing else can compare. It's like bathing in a warm mountain spring.

Most people notice the difference in their hair right away. It feels softer, less dry and brittle, without adding extra conditioners. Many hairdressers recommend chlorine filters for shower heads for their clients, particularly those with color treated hair. Colors stay truer, longer.

By taking out the harsh chemicals, chlorine shower filters allow your skin and hair to retain more of their natural moisture content. Chlorine basically strips the oils out of your hair and off of your skin. It also bleaches your hair and can react negatively with the compounds found in hair dye.

If you do your own color at home, you could end up with a strange looking tint, usually approaching green. But, you can get a true color at home, if you use chlorine filters for shower heads in your bath. Some models have removable hand held heads that make the rinsing easy.

Now that we understand the advantages for your hair and your skin. Let's look at the health advantages of chlorine shower filters.

Expert evaluation has proven that there are over 2100 different chemicals in tap water that can cause cancer. The best multi-stage chlorine shower filters trap nearly 100% of them.

You may already have a filter on your kitchen tap. You might think that that's enough, but in the shower, the pores of your skin open up and absorb those cancer causing chemicals. We know that chemicals easily enter our body through our skin. Just think about trans-dermal patches used for motion sickness, smoking cessation and other medications.

We know that warm water opens your pores, so even more chemicals can enter our body. More than could be consumed by drinking a gallon of unfiltered tap water. Without chlorine filters for shower heads, you may as well bath in a swimming pool.

Then there are the chemicals that enter your blood stream by inhaling the vapors. Chlorine and other chemicals vaporize faster than water. The fumes are enough to trigger asthma attacks and aggravate other respiratory conditions.

Only multi-stage chemical and chlorine shower filters can prevent the vapors from entering the air. The EPA recently released a report that said, "Virtually every home in America has detectable levels of chloroform gas in the air due to chlorine and showering."

Chloroform gas in the indoor environment is a problem. Well designed energy efficient houses trap chloroform gas and other chemical vapors, in the same way that they prevent heat and air conditioning from escaping. The only solution is attaching chlorine filters for shower heads to every shower in the house.

The government really does all that it can to make the public drinking water clean and safe. The rest of the job, protecting your family, is up to you. Chlorine shower filters can help you do that job.

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