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DIY HHO - Do These DIY Plans Work?

Is Your DIY HHO Getting Increased MPG, Or Are You Stuck At The Station?

Well... Here's the breakdown. These DIY HHO fuel cells do add miles per gallon, clean out your carbon deposits and add horsepower BUT if you really really want to get those awesome added MPG results that make you drool. Your going to need to learn about EFIE (electric fuel injection enhancer ).

How To Keep Your Engine On The Ground And Still Fly

Did you know that pilots lean back their fuel at 10k feet? They do this to save fuel. The lower atmospheric pressure allows them to lean back their fuel and save fuel. An EFIE is going to do the same thing, but while keeping your engine on the ground. When you introduce HHO, this supplements your gasoline and you can effectively lean back your 14:1 fuel ratio. When you do this your replacing a portion of your fuel with HHO. If you don't use an EFIE, your computer is going to register an error in your mixture and throw more gasoline into your ratio, this could potentially negate the added efficiency. Of course you will still get better combustion that removes carbon buildup and increases horsepower, but we're going for max efficiency. With a quality EFIE you can supplement your gas with HHO. HHO of course comes from the electrolysis of water, hence the water for gas expression that's claimed so much fame recently.

Thirty Two Cents A Month

For thirty two cents a month you can supplement Your gasoline with water. The thirty two cents will refill your fuel cell and catalyst. This will greatly increase your fuel efficiency, and you will gain horsepower. HHO is three times more potent than gasoline, a little goes a long way. A good fuel cell plan can produce HHO for 75 watts, that's less than one headlight. Your alternator has plenty of beef to cover a 75 watt draw. Couple your HHO output with the ability to lean back your fuel and you're on your way to matching the miles per gallon that the braggers are touting.

Here are the top reviewed plans to ADD HP and MPG.

These are the best EFIE's with a great amount of additional information.

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