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Exterior Home Painting Preparation

Exterior home painting is like icing done on cake. Redoing or painting your house from the outside or on the facade is not that simple. Exterior painting is not easy task and many steps have to be taken in mind before painting. Some general points to be considered are:

Make sure your home is perfectly painted. There should no need to repaint in future. Since it involves long hours of work make sure the labor isn't in vain. Taking a few extra steps to make sure that you don't leave a hundred pounds of loose paint on the ground is also important to the overall look of the house when the job is completed.

Wash down your home by using a mix of TSP and chlorine beach to make sure that mildew is killed and all dirt is gone. Use high pressure washer if your house is tall or has many stories. Use drop clothes on plants and flowers to prevent them 4m damaged done by bleach spray.

Wear eye protection and gloves whenever you are working. Sand the high spots, seal cracks with wood filler and sand off any loose paint that you may find remaining. Sink and countersink the nails and fill all holes or cracks with wool filler. At least apply one coat of primer so that exterior paint sticks to it. Primer gives good surface and also prevents from peeling.


Large sponges
Chlorine Bleach
Sander or Sanding Blocks
Crack filler and wood putty
High pressure washer (rentable from equipment site putty knives)
Exterior primer

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