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How to Build a Simple Computer Desk

Back a few years ago I decided I needed to buy a computer desk. After looking around at a half dozen furniture stores and department stores, I came to the conclusion that there were only two types of computer desks on the market; very expensive ones from high end furniture stores and pressed board garbage from low cost box stores. Neither suited my budget or tastes, but I needed a computer desk.

It was during this realization that I came up with an idea of building my own simple computer desk. I remember seeing standalone kitchen cabinets for sale at one of the local home improvement stores. I thought, hey if I could affix a countertop surface to two kitchen cabinets I'd have a functional computer desk.

Finding the Components for my Computer Desk

With the idea in mind I grabbed my tape measure and drove to a local home improvement store. The store had numerous standalone kitchen cabinets for sale, made from all types of wood. Some were low end constructed, while others were more high-end constructed. I found one cabinet that consisted of a top drawer and a large front door with adjustable shelves. I then found another cabinet consisting entirely of a column of drawers. After pulling them aside, I then visited the countertop area of the store, and surprisingly I found pre-fabricated 5 foot countertops for sale. I selected one that was aesthetically appealing to me and rested it on top of the two kitchen cabinets. I spaced the two kitchen cabinets apart so that they were located at the far ends of the countertop to allow room for a chair and seating. I then made a height measurement and determined that the only modification required was to cut about 2 inches off the bottom of each kitchen cabinet.

Building a Computer Desk

With my desk idea nearly realized, I purchased the two kitchen cabinets and countertop and brought them home for assembly.

Using a skill saw I removed two inches of the base of the cabinets. This was easy to do since the cabinets had about a 3 inch area below the fixed base cabinet shelf and the drawers that was effectively empty space. I then positioned the two cabinet pieces in my office area and mounted the kitchen countertop to the two cabinets using screws and brackets.

Finally, I mounted a keyboard tray slider to the underside of the countertop and my good looking and functional computer desk was ready for use.

Note: Keyboard tray sliders can be found at most office stores.

About the Author: Over the past 20+ years Mark Donovan has been involved with building homes and additions to homes. His projects have included: building a vacation home, building additions and garages on to existing homes, and finishing unfinished homes. For more home improvement information visit and

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