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Make a Candy-Filled Halloween Pumpkin

This Candy-Filled Halloween Pumpkin looks great on your party table, makes a great kids classroom decoration, or you can use it to hold your trick-or-treat candy.


One large pumpkin

Pumpkin carving tools

Black marker


Take your pumpkin carving knife and cut a round hole in the bottom of the pumpkin, NOT the top around the stem as is traditional.

This leaves the stem and entire pumpkin top intact, except for a "trap door" in the bottom by which to insert the candy.

Carefully remove the round trap door, scrape the pulp off it and set it aside.

Scoop all the pulp out of your pumpkin and scrape the sides clean with the scraping tool.

Draw a pumpkin face outline to follow when you carve. Make the eyes and nose high up on the pumpkin, leaving room for a very generous mouth as shown.

When you are satisfied with the pumpkin face you have drawn, carve it out carefully with a pumpkin carving tool , using small sawing strokes. Clean and remove any remaining pulp and strings from the openings.

Fill the pumpkin with assorted wrapped candies and replace the trap door in the bottom.

Your candy filled pumpkin is now ready to display.

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