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How to choose color scheme for your room?

Using a Color Scheme in Your Room

When you set about to design a room, one of the most important things that you will need to tackle will be the color scheme you are going to use. The color scheme will set the entire mood of the room, making it into a light and happy place or a more serious place that you can use to get work done. Of course, you will want all of the objects that you are putting into the room to work well, so you may wish to begin selecting your color scheme by using an object which you already have and plan to include.

If the object has a pattern, you have it rather easily set. Items with patterns already have a color palate included and you can use this to help you establish the rest of the room. This can be anything from pillows to drapes, area rugs to wall decoration. Any items which include different colors can be used to help you set the color palate which you will base the rest of the room around.

After you have picked the pattern based on the object that you are going to follow, you need to select three colors from that pattern to use as the base for your room. You will want a light color, a dark color, and something in-between. This will help to give you a good balance that will give the eye enough information to look over while it is scanning the room and can help find a healthy medium for the room to exist in.

The lightest color that you choose will be set to be the background of the room, hopefully the colors of the walls. This is usually not hard to achieve because most rental spaces come with white walls and white is the lightest color you can find. Therefore, when you choose the light color, you should find something as close to white as possible because it can provide a great background for the rest of the room to exist against.

The middle color that you choose should be your larger furniture and the areas around the windows. This means that the drapes that you choose should be closely associated with your furniture and the area rug that you may have. In fact, if you use the area rug to base the room around, by selecting the medium color in the area rug, you will be able to easily base the rest of the room around this.

Finally, the darkest color in your color palate should go toward the accessories in the room. This means the end tables, the lighting fixtures, and the accents that you place around the room. The eye will be more naturally drawn to these accessories and you will want to arrange it so that they are placed sparingly around the room, so that they eyes aren't overwhelmed with all of the items it is being attracted to. Following this pattern can give anyone a great color-coordinated room!

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