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How to cut a mango?

Mango fruit is one of the most delicious tropical fruit and good to eat either ripe or unripe. It is rich with nutritional benefits too. It contained vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are needed by the body to maintain good health and fight against diseases.

Mango fruits are oval and egg shaped with smooth and soft skin. Mango fruits are green when they are unripe and usually a blend of green, red, and yellow when they are ripe. The flesh is bright orange and soft with a large, flat pit in the middle.

It is easy to peel and cut a mango. There are two methods to cut mango and produce the most flesh and the least waste. Here are instructions and the two methods (A and B) to cut mango fruits:


1) Buy ripe mangoes at the grocery store or farmer's market. Make sure it is not over ripe. Over ripe mangoes should be kept for recipes where the pulp is pureed.

2) Rinse the mangoes thoroughly under clean running water. It is important to wash them to prevent any bacteria even though you are not eating the mangoes skin.

METHOD A: To cut mango into diced.

Mango has a very large and flat seed. They cannot be slice through the center. Upon observation, you'll note the mango has differing flat sides.

1) Put one flat side of the mango on the cutting board with resting. Slice the mango along the length of the flat side next to the seed using sharp knife.

2) Turn over the mango and repeat on the other side. Now you should have two halves of mango pulp in the skin. Set aside the seed with its remaining circle of pulp for awhile.

3) Carefully cut a cross-hatch pattern through the mango pulp down to the skin. Make sure you not cut through the skin.

4) Pick up the cross-cut mango half. Place your thumbs gently on either end and place your fingers underneath in the center. Gently push upward with your fingers while pressing down with your thumbs to turn the diced pulp inside out in the skin.

5) Carefully slice out the diced pulp by cutting between the cubed mango pulp and the skin and remove the skin.

6) Repeat step 3 to 5 for the other side.

7) Cut a cross-hatch pattern remaining pulp from the outer edge of the mango seed. slice the pulp out from the mango seed. Add to the rest of the diced mango.

METHOD B: To cut mango into sliced.

1) Start by peeling the mango with a vegetable peeler or a sharp knife.

2) Then slice off the top (stem end) and bottom of the mango.

3) Hold the mango, slice off the cheeks and trim the flesh off the pit.

4) Then slice the mango as your preference.

Now you can enjoy your mango fruit!

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