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How to install doorknob


A doorknob is a device that used for closing and opening a door that generally made of metals or woods. It is an essential part of security. The position of the doorknob on the door varies depending on decorative style, local culture and owner preference. While there are several types of doorknobs, the following information is for a standard doorknob that comes in two halves.


Install a doorknob is a fast and easy process. It not takes more than 10 minutes or so. You just need a new doorknob kit and a new strike plate which you can purchase at your local hardware store, and also a couple of screwdrivers.

Follow these simple step by step instructions to install your new doorknob:

A) Make Measurement

First of all you need to measure your existing doorknob opening, backset measurement and door thickness to make sure the right doorknob to purchase. If it is hard for you to measure it, do step (B) and bring your entire old doorknob to your local hardware store and get the exact size.

B) Uninstall the Old Doorknob

1) Unscrew and remove the trim on both sides of the door. The trim is the ring shaped piece of metal behind the door handle up against the door. If the trim has no screws, you should pry it off with a flat-head screwdriver or a small pry tool.

2) Unscrew and remove the two screws that are holding the doorknob in its position.

3) Twist both sides of the knob and pull them apart completely at the same time. Remove the old doorknob and set it away.

4) Remove old strike plate by take off the screws and pulling it apart from the door frame.

C) Install the New Doorknob

1) Insert the new bolt. Place it in its hole and screw it into position. Install the new latch.

2) On one side of the door, place a trim against the doorknob hole. Place one side of the new door knob in its hole. Then do the same process on the other side. Ensure that they are aligning properly and that the holes for the long screws line up.

3) Put in the long screws into the doorknob on both sides. Tighten the screws alternately, first on one side, and then the other. Ensure that all the screws are screwed in tightly.

4) Put in the new strike plate onto the door frame and screw into place.

5) Test your new doorknob. Make sure that both knobs twist correctly without difficulty and not loose. If so, adjust the screws.

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