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How to dye silk scarves

Wearing a silk scarf is a simple and quick way to dress up an outfit. However if you want to buy at the store, you may find that your selections are limited. By dying your own silk scarves, you can dye them in any color you want and at the same time you can save money.

How would you like to color you scarves?
You can die and create wonderful scarves quickly and easily with your microwave.
Here is how to dye silk scarves:

You will need a microwave, a microwave safe pot with lid, blank silk scarf, silk dye paints, apple cider vinegar, gloves and cording.

You can purchase silk paints from you local craft store, supermarket or online. Pick three or four dissimilar colors to use in this project. You can found blank silk scarf at some craft stores and also online. A blank scarf is simply a white or light cream color, silk scarf that is ready to dye.

Start off with washing the silk scarf using mild detergent. This cleaning process is important to make sure your dye process will not be interrupted by chemicals that may be trapped on the scarf. Dry the silk scarf completely.

Wear gloves to protect your hands. Tie cording around the silk scarf randomly to produce tie dye effect. The finish look will vary depending upon the cord size and number of the binds. Once your scarf is finish with the cord, pour some cider vinegar into a bowl and put your scarf in the bowl. Let your scarf remain in the vinegar for 10 minutes.

Silk dye paints can stain many surfaces, so ensure your working place is free of other objects. Use one paint brush per color, so you do not have to clean the brush every time you want to use other colors and make you work easier. Dab the brush into silk dye paint several times. Apply the silk paint onto the blank scarf. There is no exact way in applying the paint since each scarf will be a unique work of art. Once you finish applying the paint, squeeze the scarf to encourage the colors blending.

Place the painted scarf into a small pot and cover it with the lid. Warm up your microwave on the medium setting. Put the pot in the microwave for four minutes.

After four minutes, turn off the microwave and take out the pot. Let it cooled for 1 to 2 hours.

Once it cooled, takes out your scarf from the pot and unbundled the cords. You should notice an attractive abstract pattern of colors on your scarf. Rinse your scarf in clean water to remove any residual colors. Let your scarf to dry and iron out any wrinkles.

Enhance your wardrobe with the luxury of the beautiful silk scarf and add a calm feel to a few stylish favorites.

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