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DIY Foyer Organization

When you walk into a fancy hotel or home, you get your first impression from the foyer. This entrance area of many homes is often ignored and can become cluttered, messy and neglected. There are some things that you use daily that are just more easily kept near the front door. The problem is that these things are not necessarily attractive and they don't necessarily have anywhere specific to go.

Look at your foyer and figure out what your biggest problem is. It could be coats, umbrellas, school work, mail, pocket contents, cell phone chargers and more. Coats often become a problem because you want to shed them as soon as you come in the door. If you don't have a coat closet nearby, then the problem can compound very quickly.

To solve the coat problem, you can install a hanging bar from the wall. You may be able to make an attractive hanging area out of a dowel rod and two brackets. You can paint, stain or decorate this bar however you would like. Use decorative or wood hangers to keep the area from looking junky or unattractive. Another option would be to utilize coat hooks. Make sure that you buy them large enough to hold your coats. If you have nicer wool coats or suit coats, they should always be hung on wood hangers or cedar hangers shaped to fit their design, or you risk damage to the garment.

Another common problem for the foyer area is mail. You come in the house with mail, paperwork, flyers from the door or school work. A vast majority of these paper products can be trashed almost immediately. The problem is that we sift through the stack, pick out what's most important or interesting, and then toss the stack on a table near the door. You can solve this clutter problem by using bins for sorting mail, putting a small trash can near the desk or even keeping your shredder right there by the front door. Conceal it in a cabinet so that it is not an unsightly addition to your foyer. You can come in, throw important mail in one bin, things that you might need to look at later in another, shred personal information and throw away opened envelopes and junk mail all within seconds of walking in the door.

We like to empty our pockets when we come in the door. We need to keep cell phones, wallets, keys and purses near the door so that we know where they are the next time we leave the house. Make sure that you have specific hooks for purses, a charging station to keep cell phones, PDA's and MP3 players charged, and a piggy bank for all that change. When you're ready to go, everything you need will be neatly organized instead of crammed in with all of your other junk.

Whether you use hooks, wood hangers, a cabinet containing your shredder or charging stations, every little step you take helps to keep your foyer organized. When it all has a place to go, your life will quickly run more smoothly and your home will become more inviting.

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