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Easy Halloween craft ideas for toddlers

Halloween can be an exciting time for kids, since it's filled with so much feeling of magic and fantasy. One great way to get kids excited about this day is to make a craft with them. When it comes to crafts for toddlers, it's best to have all the pieces ready to go, and then to just let the kids assemble them. Here are a few ideas perfect for your little ghosts and goblins

- Construction Paper Jack-o-lantern

The construction paper jack-o-lantern is a very straight-forward craft that requires a bit more preparation on your part as far as getting pieces ready. If you trust your toddler to use a safety scissors you could go that route.


*Orange construction paper.
(cut into circle shape beforehand)
*Yellow construction paper
(cut into various shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles beforehand)
*Glue stick

The procedure for this craft is very simple. Just let your toddler create whatever sort of faces they like using the yellow shapes you cut for them. They can glue on different shaped eyes, nose, and mouth to their jack-o-lantern. Then, you can use sticky tap to hang them on display.

- Lollipop Ghosts

Lollipop ghosts are very easy to make, and don't have many pieces that you need to prep ahead of time.


*One bag of suckers, such as Dum-Dums or Blo-Pops.
*Square sheets of white fabric (about 5" x 5") You will need one square of fabric for each ghost you want to make.
*Thin rubber bands, white ribbon, or string.
*Black marker


Place a lollipop in the center of a white square of fabric, and pull the edges down so that it looks like the lollipop is the head of the ghost. Secure the white square by tying a bit of ribbon or string around the ghost's "neck," or use a thin rubber band (you may have to wrap it more than once.) I like the look of string the best, but rubber bands are probably easiest for toddlers.
Next, use the black marker to draw a face on your ghost. After you demonstrate one for your child, let them make as many of their own as they want. Once they get the hang of it they can easily complete many ghosts on their own.
The lollipop ghosts can be a cute addition to a trick-or-treat bowl. Or you can attach Christmas ornament hooks to the rubber bands/ string and hook them on garland to make a cute and unique Halloween decoration.

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