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How to Build Your Own Wind Generators

When the hippies started talking about saving the earth over 40 years ago, people thought they were crazy. Nowadays, the majority of the population now sees what they were talking about and some people are actually eager to do something about it. The widespread use of gas and coal has destroyed or air, our earth, and our waters, and it isn't doing our budgets any favors, either.

Studies show that the average American household spends over $200 per month on heating, air conditioning, and electricity. And, most of us aren't even comfortable. If we had our choice, we would turn our heaters up more in the winter, keep the house cooler in the summer, and use more hot water if we could afford it. The answer to this may be DIY wind generators.

DIY wind generators are the new way to use our environment's power to our benefit without leaving a nasty footprint behind. Even though traditional wind generators can cost upwards of $100,000, a wind generator or home wind mill can be built, at home, for less than $200. That cost will be more than offset during the first year's operation.

This type of generator is actually very easy to build and most DIY types should have no problem putting one together in a weekend, producing free energy for the home almost immediately. With the purchase of a few items, most of which can be bought at the local hardware store, a wind generator is not as hard to build as you might think.

A good guide can help you build your own DIY wind generators, save you money, and help to save the environment, too. By harnessing the power of the wind, you will use less coal, less natural gas, less electricity, and see a smaller utility bill every month.

Tray Halloran is an expert on DIY home solar energy and the director of the popular website DIYSolarSystemsInfo.Com. He provides honest information and advice on DIY home solar energy and all things home energy-related. Check out the website for free tips!

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