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DIY How to Sew a Hanging Basket

How to sew a hanging basket....
Take a piece of paper 20cm by 50cm.
Fold the paper into 3 and then open it again. Fold it in half.
At one end cut out a narrow rounded piece. 
At the other end, from the horizontal line cut out a long tongue shape. 
Lay out the two fabrics, one on top of the other. 
Place the pattern and pin it.
Cut around the pattern.
Remove the pins.
Fold each piece as shown, and pin. Make sure the outside of the fabric is inside.
Stitch the pinned edges.
Iron the seams flat.
Place the seams exactly on top of one another and iron the pouch into a point.
Stitch across the two corners.
Iron the stitched corners inward.
Turn one pouch right side out, and place inside the other.
Pin the edges all round.
This area will not be stitched.
Stitch the pinned edges.
Pull the whole thing right side out through the hole.
Iron flat.
Top stitch the whole edge.
Sew a button hole in the tongue.
Add a button.
You're finished!

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