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DIY Boys Bedroom Themes

Boys Bedroom Themes
By Anthony Lee

Back in the old days, a boy's bedroom is usually a scaled down version of an adult's bedroom. Nowadays, decorating a boys' bedroom is just as fancy as decorating a little girls'. Now you can buy a lot bedroom sets that are designed especially for boys rooms.

Future Schumacher

One of the most favorite bedroom sets for boys is the racecar theme. This style is usually has red and checkered flags as the main color. Your little man would be sleeping in his very own racecar bed!

The dressers come in a racing look too, as they are made to look like lockers. The study tables, bookcase and other drawers, adorned with different racing team logos, are also in theme. You can add up to the racing hype by putting up racing posters in the wall, and getting a rug that coincides with the theme.

In The Navy

There are also ocean themed bedroom sets for boys. These cute sets usually come in the shade of blue and accents of white; anchors and ship steering wheels are the usual prints. The theme makes the feel of the room as if you're in a submarine or in a ship's crew cabin.

This kind of set is also versatile, since it is suitable for both young boys and teenagers. You can also add up to the theme by putting lighthouse shaped wall scones and other fishing accessories.

Let's Go Camping!

Have an outdoor adventure right in your boy's room! You can now buy bedroom sets with a 'camping' theme in the market. The main color of the theme is usually military green with accents of light brown. The bed is the main attraction; instead of having a canopy, which is a little girly, a mini tent is attached in the headboard to add to that adventure feeling.

A wardrobe, desk, cabinet of drawers, bookcase, and a side table, also comes with the set. All of these have a wooden finish, so that the nature feel of the room would be built up. It would be nice if you put beanbags on the floor, to add up to the indoor adventure.

It would be better if you ask him what theme he wants his room to be. Get to know his interests and favorites. If you don't have the budget to buy a set, you can always improvise one. It's really easy to do that as long as you have a theme in mind, and some inspiration to do it!

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