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DIY Modern Bedroom Design

Modern Bedroom Design
By Anthony Lee

The modern style is the most popular bedroom style nowadays. The look of this style has infinite possibilities. If you want something new and exciting, try going for the modern look!

Achieving this look is simple and easy. It is usually coupled with the contemporary style, that's why it doesn't get out of fashion easily. This look usually has a mixture of simple furniture and those out-of-this-world artistically designed pieces.

The Bed

In modern bedrooms, the bed is usually the one that stands out. The modern style usually makes of platform beds. This kind of bed is the newest rage in bedroom design.

Low profile beds can come in different shapes and sizes. You can get yourself a circle shaped bed if you want, or even a custom made star or heart shape. The possibilities are endless!

The modern look can still have the traditional bed style of having a huge headboard. The design however is different. The headboard could come in a solid color or abstract prints, to make an outstanding effect in all the simplicity.


There are different approaches in achieving the modern look. Some styles would overlap, and some are completely different from each other. Nonetheless, all of them are eye refreshing and suits the modern taste.

Traditional American Colonial Experience

This modern style is the archetype of the wealthy and fashionable bedroom. It includes having elegantly made beds with four posters and giant headboards, but with a modern design of crisp straight lines. Surprising, as it may seem, a lot of people still opt for the grandeur of this style.

Going Asian

Around the turn of the 20th century, Asian bedroom design became quite popular and it is still up to now. This style incorporates ancient elegance with modern esthetic thinking of simplicity and good organization.

This style doesn't limit you to black and white like other modern looks do. The Asian palette would include sea greens, bright reds, colors of the sky and the sun. It brings the touch of nature into your very own modernized bedroom.

Asian styled armoires' usual look is a plain sleek black lacquer. A mother of pearl can be optional to add some fancy. Putting a simple ceramic or jade bowl on your dresser and using it to hold jewelry can be done to easily achieve a touch of Asia.

The modern Asian style doesn't have to be totally oriental. You can get from the style its Zen appearance of balance and harmony, and mix it up with other modern furnishings that you have.

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