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Building a Pergola - It's Simple and Saves You Big Money

If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for entertaining or just relaxing after a hard days work, building a pergola is the perfect answer. Pergolas are the going thing these days, but it's very expensive to purchase a kit. Why not build it yourself? It's easy, and saves you a ton of money.

Here are some tips that will help you decide if you should build your own pergola.

1. Decide what size pergola you want, and consider what you will be doing with it. Will you use it to entertain company? If so, you need plenty of room for seating your guests, barbecue grill, etc. Don't make the mistake of building your pergola too small. You'll regret it later!

2. Where are you going to place your pergola? Some build a pergola on their deck, while others would rather have it in the garden or patio area. Find the perfect place for your pergola. This will be a spot where you will find peace and relaxation for years to come.

3. Don't waste your money by buying a pergola kit. Buy a pergola plan in the size you are going to need, and build it yourself. It's easy with the explicit instructions supplied, you can do it in a weekend (get a buddy to help you), and the savings will be tremendous! Everyone needs to save in these days of sky high gas prices.

When building a pergola, you can visit your local hardware and home supply stores to price out lumber and materials. Treated cedar is a smart choice because it will last for decades. Treated pine is cheaper. It's your choice.

You will get years of relaxation and entertainment out of your pergola, besides the value it will add to your home. Beauty is another benefit. If you are ready to add your own little piece of Heaven to your home and save lots of money, you can do both by building your own pergola!

Save a boatload of money and add beauty to your home! Pergola plans and designs are extremely affordable, and easy to use! More details, tips and resources can be found at The How to Build Blog

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