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Bamboo Shades Look Green and Grassy

Beautiful bamboo shades exist in so many countless styles. There are basic styles, those using woven matchstick pieces, including the least popular whites. Then, there are larger woven sticks in woven woods. Many of these more diverse styles include braided pieces, bamboo that still resembles bamboo, and even sticks of varying sizes. In addition to these, bamboo shades can also use grassweave styles, sometimes intermixed into the other styles, and often times, as a single pattern. It is these grassweaves upon which we will focus in this article on bamboo shades.

The common reasons why people choose bamboo shades it to get the rustic and natural style that is so easy to attain with these. Grassweaves actually take this to a new level. When using a woven section of real wood, there is a bit of an air of technology left in the product. However, bamboo shades which use basic grass sections, are the epitome of rustic, and truly achieve this goal.

Some consumers may take issue with the grassweave bamboo shades, some with good cause, and others are irrational. The rational fears include the light transparency of these bamboo shades. The grassweave is among the most translucent. This is actually a real benefit for many consumers. Others want to have this element of light that enters the room blocked, and for those, it is recommended to line the bamboo shades. Another fear is that the materials can harbor mold, mildew, or other bad elements. While this is true, and those who may have allergies or other ailments may wish to avoid these bamboo shades, it is probably advisable for these consumers to find altogether different window treatments, anyway. The smell, by the way, of bamboo shades, is usually the natural smell of the wood, and while pollen may not be an issue for bamboo shades, there are those who are bothered by this natural odor, which does wear off after a short while.

What actually is the styling of the grassweave woven shades? These unique designs harken back to the days when people may have lived in grass huts. Some have said that these shades re reminiscent of the natural shades that may be handmade, hanging int he windows in Fiji. This is the look that people seek out when they design their retreat rooms, their spa baths, and their themed bedrooms. At the same time, these bamboo shades can also be a real contrast against the modern styles that are increasingly appearing in homes and offices these days. This industrial look may be fine, but for those who wish to soften the design, the natural designs of bamboo shades using grassweave fabrics may be just the solution.

After crossing the threshold and going into this type of bamboo shades, consider the wide range of colors and styles one can have. The styles are strips of "grass" woven together, and yet, there is a tremendous range of colors and designs which one can have when selecting. Due to the natural issues with these materials, it is usually best to try to pick a color palette, either browns or greens or tans, and then try to go with a darkness. Often, there is not much more than a selection of dark or light. Sometimes there are many other choices available. However, the problem with color matching is heavy on bamboo shades, and one should bear in mind that the colors will never match the samples, and that the colors of the final shades, once installed, will look quite different from what is expected. Thus, choose to go with a range of colors, and a hue, and you will be quite pleased with your bamboo shades.

Grassweave bamboo shades can be quite lovely and bring the true essence into your home as a simple, easy to manage window shade. The materials are diverse, and long lasting, and if properly maintained, clean with a light dusting, they can give years of beautiful design to your windows. Consider using lined bamboo shades to provide real privacy and room darkening. By the way, the lining also helps to show your guests the real beauty of the shades, by blocking the bright light that often obscures the patterns, and also can give a white to the street color, often needed for condominiums and homeowner associations. Choose these bamboo shades for the soft and natural designs.

Judith Persit works from home in a design studio and writes about bamboo shades Learn about shades at her website.

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