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Mosaic Pebble Tiles - Tips You Want to Print & Save!

Mosaic pebble tiles are fixed size panels crafted of smooth pebbles which are commonly being manually organized together onto a 1 sq/ft mesh backing in order to create a totally seamless panel effect. In the last few years these natural tile stones have gained immense popularity especially for remodeling kitchens, baths and patios.

Quick Overview

These natural stone tiles can be easily used for countless indoor and outdoor finishing including: bathroom floors, showers, kitchen sink wall, countertops, patio surfaces, flooring as well as wall coating.

Many home-makers prefer using these natural stone tiles and they are becoming more and more popular these days due to the fact that they open various redesigning applications while no unique expertise is needed for installation.

Read Before Installation

Installing mosaic pebble tiles whether in the inside or the outside requires no outstanding technical skills or expensive tools. Equip yourself with the following elementary tools: scissors, grout, sponge, thinset mortar, trowel, grout float, sealer and paint brush.

You basically need to brush a sealer over the pebbles before you begin on mounting the tiles, now take the trowel and use it to apply thinset over the surface and apply the pebble tiles next to each other, in the last step you need to fill the space between the tiles by using grout, let it dry for 24hrs, then take a wet sponge and remove the excess grout of the surface of the stones.


There are various benefits for using these tiles to redecorate your home or even in the office. Here is a quick overview of these advantages: 1) Installation process is quick and takes only a few hours 2) Saves extra expenses on hiring a professional installer 3) Can be easily adjusted to very small / narrow surfaces where other fixed size tiles such as conventional ceramic tiles can't.

Valuable Tips

If you plan on remodeling by working with mosaic pebble tiles, use these helpful tips: 1) most recommended grout is sanded grout - it is suitable for both internal and external use. 2) If you want to enhance the color of the stones transforming it glossy or matte finish, use natural stone color enhancer right before applying the sealer. 3) Stone tile has its weight, so if you intend to install backsplashes use small carpenter's nails to hold the tile in place so you can easily grout it.


Mosaic pebble tiles provide numberless applications for both the interior as well as exterior due to the fact that they come in numerous shades, hues and sizes; they are easy to be used and relatively inexpensive as compared with other alternatives.

Get creative! - Learn more about how you can easily decorate any surface at home or in the office with Mosaic Pebble Tiles.

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