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Building a Closet Organizer

Building a closet organizer is a do-it-yourself job which is not very tedious and certainly doesn't require you to be a master of the carpentry skills. You could do with the basic knowledge of using hammer, saw, nails and a board.

Closets could turn into a black hole used to capture anything or everything. They could become a catch-all closets which could also get embarrassing in many situations. So, building the right closet and organizing it properly is very important in the building and maintenance of a closet.

If someone is not comfortable in building his own closet organizer, then he should probably not do it, as things could rather get messy if not done carefully. What is the need to do work and efforts when it is not enjoyed. He could go with a company fabricated closet organizer.

The company fabricated closet organizers are readily available but the problem with pre-built organizers is that you get to choose only within a limited variety and you get what they build and design.

The custom sizing of the closet organizer is also possible and for that you have to head towards a local fabricator besides doing it yourself. The fabricated units are made with melamine or laminate covered particle board which is normally very expensive and could cost you a bomb.

Coming to the do it yourself method, you must be aware of the cut sheet requirements to build the closet organizer. The mortise joints could be well incorporated which are found on different parts and make solid connections between the parts. The mortise joints align the vertical dividers and the shelves. One good way of getting the groves at the right places is to make marks at the same time on all of them. Different dividers could be laid next to each other so that the two interior surfaces facing each other are aligned simultaneously with each other.

To get started with building a closet organizer, one must first remove all the existing shelves; closet rods and doors. Normally a measurement of 3" from the top of the door towards the down is taken and then marked with a pencil on the wall just inside the door. Two or more cleats could be cut of apt measurement according to the need and fastened to the side walls. The top shelf then must be cut and placed on the cleats.

Similarly a lower shelf that is permanent must be installed. Again, the cleats must be installed on the back and side walls as was did for the top shelf. The adjustable shelves must be cut about 1/4 "shorter than the distance between the standards. After the drawers have been made, they must be slipped into the grooves with their back fastened to the assembly. Finally, the handle must be attached.

The quantity of the material and the amount of hardware you get must be specific to the shelving you want to be made. And after the closet is built and installed in your home, it is sure to make you feel very happy and give the surroundings of the room an enhanced look.

You can save a bunch of money of you build a closet organizer yourself, instead of paying someone else to do it.

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