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Fabulous Do-It-Yourself Murals, Even If You Can't Paint Or Draw!

Open any decorating magazine and you will likely see at least one home with a beautiful custom mural, or at least a little decorative painting as an accent on a wall or on a piece of furniture. This artistic touch expresses the owners sense of style.

How can you recreate some artistic touches in your home if you can't even paint a straight line? How can you afford this kind of custom look? Rub on mural transfers are the answer!

Relatively new to the design market, mural transfers are simply mural artwork that has been printed face down directly on a translucent transfer sheet. Place the mural on the wall and rub the transfer off the sheet, almost like a tattoo for your wall! Only the thin layers of non-toxic ink remain on your wall, revealing every detail, shadow, brush stroke and amazing color of the original mural art. You don't need to paint a thing!

Mural transfers, or decorative painting transfers can add that touch of style to your home and you can even customize the design. Many decorative designs, like wrought iron or vines, ivy, faux molding, faux mosaic or Mediterranean tiles etc. can be cut from the transfer sheet and the arrangement can be designed by you! Make a headboard from the wrought iron, or create an over the door wrought iron accent, intertwine some ivy...these transfers are so thin on your wall that you can layer them and create your own custom "hand painted" accent.

Other transfer murals include window scenes that bring the vista of a beautiful vineyard into your home. Maybe you could rub nine large fluttering butterflies painted in paisley, polka dots and stripes to add a special touch on your daughters wall in her room! There are many designs to chose from, and more will be added soon!

Most people would not put a "sticker" on their walls, except maybe in their childrens rooms. There are a lot of vinyl wall graphics out there that are stickers, but mural and decorative transfers are a completely different thing! It's simply the ink that transfers, so it incorporates into your wall finish, even if you have textured walls. They are so thin, like a coat of paint, that you actually, you don't have to remove them...simply paint over whenever you want to redecorate. That comes in handy with the kids, since we know their tastes will change in a year or two. The transfers are semi-matte, so there is no shiny look to the surface either.

You can have fun and be creative, even if you don't paint! Create the look of brick breaking through your wall, along with a portion of your wall that has broken away to reveal the sky. A bird has made a nest in the crook of that breakaway, 3 baby birds have just hatched in the nest , and ivy trails from the opening. Another bird flies nearby. These are the types of transfers that are available for you to simply rub onto your wall. Your friends will touch them, trying to see if they are painted on, because they really look like they are! The detail is just amazing.

Custom murals can cost a small fortune, but transfer murals are not only affordable but fun too. You can now decorate your walls with murals and decorative painting, without being able to draw and without a single drop of paint!

Author: Carol Reynolds
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