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Candle Making is Just One Hobby You Should Consider

Lots of people enjoy the hobby of arts and crafts. However there are simply so many different arts and crafts about it's difficult to know which type to take up. Embroidery, weaving, knitting and scrapbooking are all very popular. However one you might want to consider is candle making. When you start to research candle making you will see that there are many different types you can make including scented candles, gel candles and floating candles. Candle making is no more just a hobby. Candles are widely popular worldwide as showpieces and alternative source of lights. So if you are planning to turn your hobby of candle making into a business then be rest assured about the scopes to prosper. There are different types of wax that is used in candle making and you need to learn the basic tricks very well in order to excel in the art of candle making.

Ingredients of Candles

There are various ingredients that you need to make candles. Scents, moulds and the wax are the three important ones in the list. Who won't like it if the candles smell nice and work as a room freshener? This is the reason why you need to add some nice fragrances to the candles while preparing them. The most popular candle scents are vanilla, lavender, cedar etc. The most important ingredient of candle making is the wax. There are several varieties of wax like soy wax, beeswax, soy blended wax and many more which come in different temperature and often chosen according to the need of the candle maker. The wax additives like keramide, parol oil etc are also important ingredients of candle making. Various types of moulds made of tin, polycarbonate and aluminum are used to prepare candles.

How to Make a Candle?

The first step of candle making is to collect all the ingredients that are required to make the candles including the scents, wax, pigments, dyes, wicks and wick holders along with the different additives and moulds. Now the measurement of the ingredients should be just perfect to prepare a good candle. Now once you start making the candles, monitoring the temperature and tracking the cooling time is very important. If you are about to make a colored or scented candle then make sure that the fragrance you are using is a gentle and mild one. The color combination should be proportional to make them attractive. Always keep a watch on the flames and never make them too high as this might burn the mixture and your effort and money can go for waste.

Safety Measures of Candle Making

There are some crucial measures that you need to follow in order to make the candles safely. Clean the stove or burner that you use for candle making regularly. Keep away the inflammable substances away from the place. Follow the instructions that are given for handling the wax. It is advisable to use a wax melter and work in a n area that has good ventilation facility.

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