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How to Build Deck Stairs

Most people think that learning how to build deck stairs is a complicated process. It really is not that difficult if you follow these simple steps. After building well over 100 decks in our building career we have faced every possible situation.

Here is what you need to get started-

· Simple tools- cordless drill, saws, tape measure etc.

· Available pressure treated wood, or cedar

· Detailed plans on how to build deck stairs

Let's start with the deck and locating the deck stairs. Try to imagine the flow of traffic for a minute. Where will you want to walk to get onto the deck? Will you want it wide enough to accommodate 2 people on the stairs at one time? Locate the steps first.

Next, get out your tape measure and figure out how high off the ground (or landing) the deck surface is. I will do an example for you to make sure you understand what I mean.

Learning how to build deck stairs is really about figuring out how many steps you need.

Let's say your deck is 49 inches off the ground. Each step is supposed to be 7 inches above the next so you will need 7 steps right? (actually 6 because the deck surface is the 7th step).

The steps should be made of 2x10 lumber and be at least 4 feet wide, or 6 feet wide if two people are to be able to pass on the stairs.

Lay out the stringers with this in mind- 7 inch rise (steps) and 10 inch run (width of boards).

The total run would be 70 inches - 7 steps x 10 inches.

Stringers are the outside boards that hold the steps and should be made of 2x10 as well. The detailed plans show you clearly how to calculate and plan the stringers.

It sure is a lot cheaper to build your own deck, saving hundreds of dollars (including the cost of the plans) compared to hiring a contractor.

Find a flat surface to work on and lay your proposed stringer on it. The deck itself will work fine. Draw, or mark the total rise and run of 49 and 70 inches on the deck in the right places, like a triangle.

Place the stringer on the triangle so that the top of the board is at each mark. Visually this will give you the total length and where to cut the stringer too.

Mark it accordingly.

Lay out the individual step locations on each stringer at 7 inch intervals. The plans show you simple ways to use a carpenter's square to quickly lay out the steps at this point.

Put them together with deck screws and set them in place.

You will save a lot of money by doing it yourself. Let's get started.

How To Build Deck Stairs is the best place to start to learn all there is to know about deck building techniques saving both time and money on your projects, even how to build deck stairs.

After a career in the building industry we have built well over 100 decks and almost every time the owner would respond, "I could have done that." when we are finished. We are sure you can learn deck building techniques or any other project you care to undertake even learning how to build deck stairs.

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