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How to Build a Wind Turbine

You've decided to learn how to build a wind turbine and now you need to find reliable wind generator plans. It's not a difficult project either if you follow the instructions carefully.

What will you need to get started on this project?

· You need a place to work- basement, garage or shop works best

· Common tools available in most homes- wrenches, cordless drill etc.

· Detailed plans on how to build a wind turbine

· Some help with the project too

Those extra hands can be very helpful especially when you are putting together everything.

The first thing you need to do is order a DC motor capable of producing at least 1000 watts of power. The plans outline sources of motors to be used as your power generator. They can even be shipped directly to you. The cost is about $30 including the shipping.

That brings up an interesting point, how much does it cost to learn how to build a wind turbine?

The 1000w home wind machine can be built for under $150 total including the cost of the detailed plans. That's pretty good considering a new model would cost over $3000 - a substantial savings. Why do they cost so much when parts are so readily available?

Get started while you are waiting for the motor/generator to arrive on building the rest of the machine.

We usually start with the blades. You will want to build your blades out of wood for machines of this size.

Matching blades to the DC motor is really the most complicated part of learning how to build a wind turbine.

To produce 1000 watts of power your blades need to be at least 4 feet long forming a total blade diameter of 8 foot spin.

It is this larger diameter that produces more power, one of the major contributing factors.

The larger the blades the larger the DC motor too, as outlined in detail in the plans.

It takes about a days work to make the blades. If you want to make a smaller machine you can use PVC pipe for blades too, but not for the larger ones.

The rest of the machine can be fashioned from recycled metals- the body and tail.

The plans showed us where to find used TV towers to use as a tower and even sources of free deep cycle batteries.

When your DC motor arrives all you have to do is assemble the parts and put it up.

It's a real joy seeing those blades turn for the first time producing free electricity for your home. Isn't it time you built your own. Let's get started.

How To Build A Wind Turbine is the best place to start with this project, and learn how to save on your electricity bill by learning how to build a wind turbine of your own.

Our family has been living off the grid since last year, and loving every minute of it. Learning how to build a wind turbine has turned out to be one of the most important parts of our life.

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