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Garden Finials - Make Your Yard Colorful

Today garden finials are beautiful outdoor accents that are meant to add a little bit of flair to you well cared for yard. Garden finials may be beautiful metal, mirrored or glass spheres atop columns marking points in your garden, or beautiful pieces of metalwork that add an air of elegance to your green space as you walk through it. While the image of garden finials today is attractive, their origin is much darker.

Surprisingly they were derived from feudal England when wealthy landowners would impale the heads of lower men on stakes and place them in their yard for intimidation. After awhile people became accustomed to this site so when new homes were built they adopted the look creating spherical finials from stone. A true symbol of the traditional English garden, design has never come from stranger inspiration. Now garden finials can be made from a variety of materials including stone, wood, copper, iron and resin. And they also come in a wide variety of shapes.

Pineapple garden finials were extremely popular as a symbol of hospitality. Pointed finials were used in Chinese gardens to ward off evil spirits and Egyptian obelisks offered a sleek take on this design. Yet the most common shape of garden finial is the sphere. Clean and simple they can be used on a pole or fence post and serve well to ward off birds from perching and snow from piling up on top. No matter what type shape or material you choose, garden finials are still standard protocol for the formal garden.

Striking finials are a perfect way to add instant style to a garden. They are ideal for topping gateway columns to create a much more formal entry. You can add them to pre-existing posts on an ordinary wood board fence. Larger finials, particularly those with a great deal of detailing such as pineapples can stand alone in a pot or flower bed or upon a pedestal to raise them up a foot or two for visibility.

In the past if you wanted to dress up your garden with a few finials you would have had to buy antiques made from stone or metal. But since they have made a comeback you can find them in your local garden store, and if you want a wider selection you can look on the internet.

Choose from whimsical finials in the shape of bugs such as butterflies and grasshoppers or storybook characters such as the big bad wolf and the wicked witch. Go traditional with a sculptured vase, eccentric with a flamboyant final crafted from seashells or modern with the fluid allure of abstract art. No matter what your taste or style there are garden finials out there for you to experiment with. Whether you use them to create an inviting garden path or just on the corners of the fence around your yard, it has never been easier to add a little spark to your garden spaces. Make it a place where you can live in style.

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