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How to plant apple seeds

There are varieties of apples in a grocery store today such as Fuji, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Pink Ladies, Galas, Rome Beauties and Granny Smiths. With knowledge and patience, you can easily grow your own apple trees from seeds but it takes about ten years for your trees to mature and produce an edible crop of fruit. In addition, this will only work in areas that get freezing temperatures in the winter.

To plant your own apple tree, follow these step by step instructions:

Step 1

Pick an apple that you like and save the seeds.
Place the apple seeds into a paper towel.
Fold the paper towel over into a small square.
Keep the paper towel wet, and place it in your refrigerator.
Keep checking the seeds and keeping them moist until sprout grew about a week.
Only about 30% of the seeds will germinate so plant enough!
They are now ready to plant outside.

Step 2

Plant the sprouts into small containers filled with potting soil.
Keep the soil moist and place it at a suitable location that receives a lot of sunlight such as you kitchen window.
You can place a clean glass jar upside over apple tree to help protect it from the elements and from animals.

Step 3

When the plant is grow large enough, plant it outside.
Choose a spot in area where the soil is rich and well drained and gets plenty of sunlight.
The best place would be where the tree can get about 12 hours of sunlight per day and good air circulation.
Don't worry about the cold weather as apple trees need the cold to produce fruit.

Step 4

Take good care of the apple tree while it is young..
Fertilize and prune the tree at the appropriate times.

Step 5

When your apple tree grown up to a height of about two or three feet, it is now time to stake it up.
Take a stake that measures about four feet long into the ground about four inches from the apple tree. Leave about three and a half feet of the stake exposed.
Use a piece of an old rag to loosely tie the tree to the stake.
The rag and the stake will help support the apple tree and help it to grow straight.

Step 6

Spray your mature tree with pesticides in order to keep them free from bugs and diseases.
They also need to be pruned to a rounded shape. The reason for pruning is to ensure that your tree is getting the best air circulation possible and rid of the nonproductive branches on the apple trees.

Step 7

Ensure that your tree does not overproduce apples.
Apple blossoms form clusters that can have five or six potential fruits. The best option would be to thin this out by leaving only one fruit when the baby apples have reached close to the size of a marble.
Thin out your tree will help to promote larger fruit sizes.

Step 8

Pick your apples!

Even your apples are not the most perfect; they should be delicious for many things like fresh apple pie or even cider.

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