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How to paint a Car

Want to paint your own car?

You can paint your own car with your favorite color by yourself. Paint a car is different than painting a house. Here are step by step instructions to paint a car:

How to paint a car?

Step 1
Get a spray gun. Rent a professional-grade one. Let the company know you are using it to paint a car, so they will give you the proper equipment.

Step 2
Clean the car surface. Wash your car and make sure that every nook and cranny is spotless.

Step 3
Strip the wax or finish off the existing paint job using a commercial car wax stripper or degreaser.

Step 4
Sand any shiny spots with 250 grit sandpaper. Now is also the time to fill any dents or other small imperfections.

Step 5
Ground the car to prevent static charge from building on the surfaces that you want to paint. Attach a wire to the car frame and run it to a grounded object.

Step 6
Mask windows, chrome and tires with masking tape and paper to keep the paint from getting where you don’t want it.

Step 7
Apply base coat of primer. This helps the later coats bond to the car.

Step 8
Apply color coat. Repeat two to three times or until you have solid, even coverage.

Step 9
Allow the final color coat to dry 20 to 30 minutes. Then lightly sand with very fine grit sandpaper.

Step 10
Apply clear coats. Let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next one.

Tips & Safety

No. 1

Deep-clean the painting area before getting started. Run a dehumidifier if necessary. Moisture will mess up your paint job, as will dust and grit.

Practice spray technique many times before applying paint to the car. Get too close and the paint will run. If you're too far away, the paint will dry slightly before it hits the car’s surface. This will make the finish look pebbly.

No. 3

Read and follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for use of wax remover, paint and other materials needed to paint a car.

No. 4

Wear appropriate protective equipment. Cover your skin and wear a respirator.

No. 5

Paint is flammable. Do not expose to open flame.

No. 6

Never use house paint on your car. You will regret with the results.

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