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Best houseplants to grow in the bedroom

Decorating bedrooms with houseplants give a peaceful and relaxing feeling with refreshing air. Well-placed houseplants can make a bedroom seem peaceful and more fascinating. It is easy to decorate your bedrooms if you know the best houseplants to grow in the bedrooms.

Keep health protection in mind and pick non-toxic houseplants. Any flowering houseplants are ideal for bedrooms as long as sufficient light and water are provided.

Apparently flowers come in most colors and in many different forms. Therefore, draw from that vast number of hues, textures and shapes and tie it all in with the rest of your room's furnishings.

Houseplants can work along with your bedrooms design. Choose houseplants that blend with fabrics and wall finishing. For example, blend dark green curtains with the mottled lime and medium green leaves of arrowhead vine. Make use of a mosaic plant or a larger dragon tree to bring out the red in a bedspread or to give difference to flowing burgundy window treatments.

Big houseplants such palms are suitable to put in a corner near the bed to provide an interesting, vacation-like feeling. Foliage plants, with their vast array of colors, shapes, sizes and textures will add another element to the bedroom. Green leaves come in infinite shades and variations, from light lime green to dark green. Leaf textures and shapes also vary greatly, from the glossy, heart-shaped leaves to the soft, wispy foliage of asparagus fern.

For child's bedroom, let your imagination run wild and have excitement. Make sure to place the plants out of the reach of the child's hand. Think about a pot made from children's play blocks or a small wagon as the houseplants container. Pick houseplants that turn up inquisitive minds such as sensitive plant that when you touch its ferny leaves, they fold and droop right before your eyes. Plants that grow from kitchen scraps such as avocado and sweet potato are also make amusing additions to a child's room. They are attractive plants that are entertaining your children to watch them grow!

Terrariums make superb projects for child too. You can grow them in an old aquarium. If your terrarium is large enough, you can add extra visual interest by mounding the soil to form little hills and then include various accessories that children interested, like marbles, colored pebbles, rocks, small mirrors, and tiny ornaments.

To grow houseplants in bedrooms are inexpensive and easy to cheer up a space. Bedroom houseplants are able to generate a soothing and attractive atmosphere as heaven.

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